what are more 39 signs say that you are addicted to travel?

My earliest travel memory, apart from a safari in Kruger National Park, was when I was seven years old. I travelled with my family from South Africa to India, on my first international trip. That trip instilled a love of travel within me, which has never left me. I am a self-confessed travel addict. Are you one too?

Read the signs below and see if you recognise yourself?

You know that you just square measure a travel addict when…

  1. you’re busy designing your next trip whenever you’re not traveling – and generally even whereas you’re movement.
  2. You explore for cash in your house and might solely notice foreign currency.
  3. Your bucket list is often growing, notwithstanding what proportion you travel.
  4. brooding about all the places you haven’t been to causes you to feel anxious
  5. you recognize the present time, charge per unit, and seasons of a minimum of twenty different countries at any given purpose in time.
  6. Words like DXB and office mean one thing to you. (DXB is that the aerodrome code for port International aerodrome and office is that the currency code for the Indian Rupee).
  7. Your icebox is roofed with international magnets from your travels.
  8. Your phone memory is packed with travel apps, travel photos, and travel videos.
  9. Your pc disk drive keeps filling up – due to your travel photos and videos.
  10. Your drawers square measure crammed with recent plane tickets, boarding passes, and different travel records.



  1. You collect travel brochures from travel expos, travel agents etc
  2. you have got maps on your wall rather than paintings.
  3. once you open the newspaper, you head straight for the travel section.
  4. You’d rather pay cash on travel experiences rather than possessions.
  5. you are attempting to attach to a brand new wi-fi and an extended history of your antecedently used wi-fi connections round the world comes up.
  6. you like trying (wistfully) at travel photos on Instagram each probability you get and you simply follow travel-related accounts.
  7. you are attempting arduous to not begin each sentence with “When i used to be in…
  8. movement and seeing new places is that the one among the only a few things in life that excite you.
  9. You don’t mind if your come flight home gets off or delayed as a result of its associate excuse to increase your trip.
  10. You dream regarding travel once you’re sleeping.



  1. You purchase a minimum of thirty completely different travel newsletters.
  2. everybody you recognize is often raising you wherever you’re going next (and you always ask yourself that too).
  3. you mostly want a visit to appear forward to.
  4. You stock up passports before they expire.
  5. you recognize the visa needs of different countries, specific to your passport.
  6. you have got stashes of travel-sized shampoos, conditioners, shower gels, and body lotions.
  7. on every occasion you explore for a pen in your house, you discover an edifice pen.
  8. You see airplanes within the sky and need you were on them.
  9. you think about home-schooling or world-schooling your children so you’ll travel out of college holidays.
  10. You’re perpetually trying up faculty holidays to schedule your journeys.



  1. You don’t get nostalgic as a result of house is not wherever your heart is however the place you visit once you have obscurity else to travel.
  2. you’re employed to fund your next trip.
  3. people have hospital funds, you have got a travel fund.
  4. you select your Mastercard supported their air miles loyalty program.
  5. you have got loyalty memberships with a minimum of ten {different|totally completely different|completely different} airlines and ten different edifice teams.
  6. you begin obtaining restless if you haven’t been anyplace for many months.
  7. individuals square measure continuously asking you for travel recommendations.
  8. Your latest widget may be a translator to assist you in your travels.
  9. you have got a travel weblog wherever you point out your travels and experience your previous travels.

How many did you tick off? does one have any to add? Let Pine Tree State apprehend within the comments below.




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